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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are very happy to send you our first BLUESTAR® FORENSIC Newsletter, which will give you the latest information about our forensic products.

As you know, the latent bloodstains reagent BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is a standard for the crime scene and crime lab investigators: extreme sensitivity, stronger and longer-lasting luminescence, stable and not toxic, handy, and DNA-typing compatibility are some of the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC’s many advantages. This new chemical formula based on Luminol widely surpasses the others in performance and simplicity.

To simplify the technician’s task in various work environments (crime scenes and laboratories), we’ve imagined several BLUESTAR® FORENSIC concepts: after the ready-to-use BLUESTAR® FORENSIC KIT, and the compact BLUESTAR® FORENSIC TABLETS, we are glad to announce you the launching of our last two versions of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC:


A cheaper version of the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC TABLETS, especially designed for training crime scene technicians. Based exactly on the same principle than BLUESTAR® FORENSIC TABLETS, BLUESTAR® FORENSIC "TRAINING" is intended only for training purposes and demonstration. It will react in the same way as BLUESTAR® FORENSIC TABLETS do, except for DNA analysis since the "TRAINING" version destroys DNA. Each box provides the instructor with the possibility to prepare 4 times 125 ml (4 oz) of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC working solution or 500 ml (16 oz) at once.

More information about BLUESTAR® FORENSIC "TRAINING" is available at


An economical packaging of 24 x BLUESTAR® FORENSIC foils especially created for the investigators who use BLUESTAR® Forensic in large quantity: a lab which has many objects to test or a very large crime scene to check for example. No risk of wasting product before its use since the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets have a very long shelf-life and do not necessitate any special storage condition.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information you might need.

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