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We wish to bring to your attention the recent publication of technical notes and articles regarding our BLUESTAR® FORENSIC latent blood reagent. For your convenience, we provide the links to their PDF versions:


A new high-performance reagent and procedure for latent bloodstain detection based on Luminol chemiluminescence. PDF - 3.25 MB
Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal, Vol. 39, No 3 (2006) pp. 81–100
L.J Blum, P. Esperança, S. Rocquefelte

Abstract: A new occult blood revealing agent was designed such that DNA material would be preserved and a DNA profile could be obtained. Indeed, there were uncertainties about previous chemicals that might alter blood DNA content and have adverse effects on DNA typing. BlueStar® is a chemiluminescent bloodstain detecting agent resulting from our research. It combines ease-of-use with minimum health risks and does not have any harmful effects on DNA profile determination.

Use of BLUESTAR FORENSIC in lieu of Luminol at crime scenes. PDF - 664 KB
Journal of Forensic Identification, 706 / 56 (5), 2006
L. Dilbeck, Scottsdale Police Department.

Abstract: Bluestar Forensic, a new luminol-based reagent, was tested in a blood-detection comparison study against luminol. Photographic results were compared and the ease of preparation and the lack of the need for complete darkness for visualization were evaluated. This study determined that Bluestar Forensic has distinct advantages when compared to luminol.

Recent article

A comparison of visual enhancement chemicals study for the recovery of possible blood stains at the crime scene. Luminol vs. BLUESTAR®. PDF - 412 KB
M. Dawn Watkins MS. CLPE CSCSA. King C. Brown MS.CSCSA CFPH.
A shorter version of this paper has been published in the March/April 2006 issue of the Evidence Technology Magazine, volume 4, number 2.

Abstract: The recovery and detection of possible blood stains at the crime scene can make or break a case, especially with the advent of and perfection of DNA testing. When a crime scene is cleaned up, this technology becomes even more important. Over the past two years we have conducted a study of Luminol and a new chemical BlueStar® Forensic this research delves into the specifics of each chemical, its makeup, use and results of the chemical testing on various blood stains of various dilutions to determine the sensitivity of each chemical.

These scientific reports are giving full credibility to the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC reagent within the forensic experts community.

We are happy that you appreciate working with BLUESTAR® FORENSIC.

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